Corrigé examen anglais 2013 variante 2 niveau TS

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Corrigé examen anglais 2013 variante 2 niveau TS

Message par Mr.Ayoub le Lun Juin 24, 2013 4:06 pm

Corrigé examen anglais 2013 variante 2 niveau TS

Language: V2

A-1-Many children have became addicted to.............
2-Schools will exploit a particular ..........
B-1-Particular features of computer games could be exploited by schools.
2-A solution to addicted gamers must be found by psychologists.
3-The psychologists say that an addicted user devotes the majority of his time to gaming.
4-Some scholars explained that the parents did not enjoy the same opportunities to amplify powers of concentration years ago.

1- became
2-will exploit

1- particular features of computer games could have been exploited by schools.....
2- a solution must be found to addicted games by psychologist
3-the psychologists say that an addicted user devoted the majority of this time to gaming.
4-some scholars explained that parents hadn't enjoyed the same opportunities to amplify powers of consentration years ago

writing v1 :

Think back to how business was done a few decades ago. There was no email, Internet, mobile marketing, telecommuting or smartphones. Now communications are instantaneous, huge amounts of information move through email and the Internet and powerful tools are in the hands of owners and employees. Innovations in technology have improved operations at companies of all sizes and helped turn small local businesses into global businesses.
But as much as our personal lives have changed, the business world has revolutionized almost beyond recognition in the past few decades. Technology -- and we mean the advances in communication and information technology -- has changed the face and the pace of business.
As communication and information travels faster and faster, the world seems smaller and smaller, and this has large implications for the way we conduct business. Storing important in files on a computer rather than in drawers, for instance, has made information easily accessible. Using e-mail allows businesses to communicate and send these files quickly to remote locations outside of an office.
Many argue technology has blurred the line between professional and private lives. Wireless Internet, cell phones and BlackBerries have made it easy to work from home -- or for that matter, from the beach. The fact that it's easy to work from the beach compels people to do so. On the flip side, people also feel compelled to use Internet access at work for personal reasons. In this way, technology allows workaholics to work and slackers to slack.
Computer Aid consolidated financial and business management of all its operating units in the solution, which means they can deliver highly responsive client service and manage operations confidently and profitably, and be ready for the next change.


Bonne Chance


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